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Crop Consulting:

We monitor and report on crops from the time the seed is planted until the time it is ready for harvest. We consult on chemical and physical control options to prevent pests that may have an economic impact on your crop. We go out every week and inspect farms and fields to note crop stage and overall health. We scout for disease, insects, and weeds that may be harmful to the crop. Intimate knowledge of the land leads to valuable perspective. We present this perspective in the form of a weekly report and constant contact with growers.

Soil Fertility:

Once crops have been removed, we get to really dig in. Full fertility and crop health programs are what we work on in the Fall and Winter months. We believe a combination of conventional and variable rate fertility best suit the needs for our area. This is all begins with quality soil samples that we offer.


This is certainly the fastest growing element of many businesses, especially agriculture. This is now a reality we have all come to learn and accept. We will gladly assist with any software and hardware needs within our reach.